The Final Cylon…. (contains BSG spoilers)

I wrote this during Battlestar Galactica’s 8-month season 3/4 hiatus. It was a piece - posted at TVWOP - regarding who i thought was the final cylon. Turns out I was right on….

*** spoilers***

I think the final Cylon could be Ellen Tigh - my reasoning is:

1) She was found to be on the Rising Star by Bill Adama and, according to her, had been there since some unknown hero picked her up (in her unconscious state) and took her aboard once the Cylons began the attack on the airport on Picon where she was. Adding to this the fact that no one on the Rising Star remembers treating (or even seeing) Ellen prior to Bill making contact with her. This struck me as a little odd, seeing as those ships are all overcrowded - people would notice someone requiring medical attention.

2) As Bill was transporting her to Galactica, all that business with the Cylon Raider began. One solitary Raider, jumping in and out for no obvious reason. Perhaps it was making sure Ellen made it onto the Galactica. Sure, that’s a stretch, i guess it could have just as easily have been looking for a bite to eat.

3) The Hybrid stated that the 5th Cylon is “still in the shadow yet clawing for the light” - Ellen is dead and hence no longer with the fleet and one could argue that she is ‘clawing for the light’ by returning to Saul Tigh in his recent visions perhaps. D’Anna also stated that here are only 4 of the final 5 in the fleet.

4) The Hybrid also said that the 5th was “Hungry for redemption” - it could be said that Ellen would be after her betrayal of the resistance on New Caprica.

5) In ‘Tigh me up, Tigh me down’, there’s a scene involving Saul and Ellen getting ‘physical’ on some scaffolding after their dinner with the Adama’s and Roslin. Baltar soon arrives and shakes Ellen’s hand - at this point Head-Six arrives, stares at Ellen (as that awesome Bear McCreary music plays in the background) and says to Baltar something like “you know there’s something about this one”. Baltar agrees. Perhaps Head-Six does know the identities of the Final Five and is therefore not subject to the Significant 7’s programming to not think about them.

6) The space for the final Cylon in the BSG ‘Last Supper’ image is located next to Saul - it would be fitting then if it turned out to be his wife. He is even looking in that direction.

Regarding D’Anna’s apology to one of the 5th in her vision while on the Algae planet - i think that was directed at Saul as Cavil had recently removed his eye.

Biggest TV disappointments of 2010


Sadly, I have to include Dexter’s 5th season in this category because of the sheer lack of tension, suspense and decent storytelling compared with this show’s previous seasons. Seriously, there were about 4 moments of brilliance in the whole 5th season – compare that with, say, the second season, which moved the story forward in a fantastic and new way every episode. I hope season 6 is a significant improvement on the 5th, otherwise, I may give up on the show altogether. (And no, I don’t care that Deb took a big developmental leap forward at the end of season 5 – that should’ve happened ages ago).

Burn Notice.

What was once an awesome show about a burned spy has devolved into a convoluted mess. Who the hell is Michael even working for now? It seems to change every 12 minutes. I can’t be bothered keeping up with the 5 mins per episode the writers allow for continuation of the main storyline. Speaking of the writers – I honestly don’t know why they feel the need to spoon feed the audience so much. It never used to be that bad – in the past Michael, Sam or Fi would use some crazy/awesome tech device to assist in a given situation (Michael fires sonic death ray at bad buys - bad guys evaporate) and we, the audience, would get to see that in action. Nowadays, every single detail needs to be explained to us before hand (Sam hands Michael a sonic death ray and proceeds to explain that Michael needs to shoot it at the bad guys to make them evaporate) – why do they feel the need to do that?. It’s low brow and annoying.

Human Target.

This show had a sketchy first season (started off brilliantly, then fell in a hole) and, sadly, season 2 continues the downward trend. For me, where Human Target started to go wrong is, at some point, they stopped showing Christopher Chance performing cool stunts or acts of daring and started getting him to explain what he is about to do and then cutting to the aftermath of it. BORING. The show definitely has some high points (Guerrero and Winston) however the replacement of Bear McCreary’s fantastic score with, frankly, awful pop songs and the addition of Ilsa Pucci now make this show unwatchable for me.

No Ordinary Family.

Yeah, cause the world needs another poorly written show about people with super powers, with one of the hero’s bosses being a shady bad guy. Bravo. I made it through four episodes of this and could stand it no longer.

Some thoughts on “Skyline”

Skyline begins with a couple (Jarrod and Elaine) taking a trip to L.A. to visit Jarrod’s famous friend Terry (Donald “Turk” Faison) as it’s his birthday. The out-of-towners are treated to some cool L.A. nightlife, a party back at Terry’s place and then - as is always the way - aliens invade in the morning.

What ensues is 80 minutes of bad acting, worse directing and a finale that is so bad, it’s funny.

If, for some reason while watching this shit, you decide to drink a shot of whiskey every time the male lead, Jarrod (Eric Balfour from ‘Six Feet Under’) makes or agrees with a bad decision, you’re going to be in real pain, real fast. He’s like the anti common sense. I was surprised that he didn’t get everyone killed in the first 10 minutes and then fall off something. Likewise, and this hurts me to say but, Donald Faison will ALWAYS be Turk – and, frankly, it’s distracting. The rest of the characters aren’t worth noting or discussing, with the exception of Oliver (David Zayas from ‘Dexter’) who is the most “real” character in the entire film.

The real kick in the bathing suit area this film provides is the ending. I won’t spoil it here, but if you want to read about how mind-numbingly ridiculous it is, check out the “plot” section of this wiki page:

I couldn’t believe what i was seeing.

The Brothers Strause have stated that Skyline is the first in a series of related films. Let’s hope aliens really do invade before they get a chance to make (read: fuck up) another one.

Finally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Skyline as it has firmly secured a place on my “worst films of 2010” list.

My brief thoughts on “Due Date”

Due Date is Todd Phillips’ follow up to 2009’s very entertaining The Hangover and, if you go and see his latest effort in the hopes that it will be as good as Hangover, you’re going to be rather disappointed – it’s not.

It’s not all bad though – there are a few laugh-out-loud moments and Galifianakis & RDJ are superb in their roles, however, if the films good elements (cast and soundtrack) got into a fight with the films bad ones (story and pacing), the bad elements would beat the stuffing out of the good ones and then laugh at them as they tried to find their shoes.

Due Date also suffers from that very annoying issue wherein most of the film’s funniest moments were shown in the teasers and trailers.

I’d wait for the DVD if you’re keen to see it.


Very brief thoughts on “Red”

A mostly amazing cast is the main drawcard of this action/comedy.

Willis, however, surprisingly prevents this from being something better than it is by phoning in his entire performance. It’s a real shame - and i say that as a huge Willis fan.

Worth a look just to see Hellen Mirren firing that massive 50-calibre cannon.

Fun, but forgettable.


Album Art


Atticus Ross - “The Journey”

Book of Eli film score.

This is the 2nd time I post this, only because it’s great.

ArtistAtticus Ross
TitleThe Journey
AlbumThe Book Of Eli Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Thoughts on “The Social Network”

As it stands now, ‘The Social Network’ is my second-favourite film of 2010 (behind ‘Inception’) and is the only other film in 2010 that I’m happy to give full marks. It represents a combination of near-perfect performances in terms of the direction, writing, score and, of course, acting. 

When the late John Spencer (Leo from ‘The West Wing’) accepted his Emmy for the role in 2002, he said; “I serve at the genius and the art of Aaron Sorkin, one of the greatest writers of all time.” This absolutely the truth. Those of you reading this who have seen ‘The West Wing’ (seasons 1 – 4) know what I mean – never before or since have I seen such powerful, provocative, witty and frantic dialogue spoken in a TV series… or ever for that matter.  IF you have no idea what I mean, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the show. Sorkin’s brilliant talent once again shines in ‘The Social Network’ as evident from the very first scene. It’s a simple break-up conversation, but, damn, did it have me smiling!  Likewise, the talent of David Fincher is undisputed – the man is a storytelling machine. He crafts every scene in TSN perfectly and makes the film flow beautifully. His attention to detail in getting each shot right is unmatched (there’s a simple 3 second insert shot in TSN where some business cards are placed on a desk… Fincher shot 25 takes). Anyone who has seen and loved ‘Se7en’, ‘The Game’, ‘Fight Club’ etc knows exactly what I mean.

‘The Social Network’ was cast exceptionally well. Jesse Eisenberg, Armie Hammer and Andrew Garfield are great in their roles and occasionally (I never thought I’d ever say this) Justin Timberlake steals the show. We’ll see more of Andrew Garfield soon in the reboot of Spider-Man (which, until recently, I was dead against seeing) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eisenberg and Timberlake are filming scenes in their new films as I write this shoddy review.

Also of note is the sensational score that accompanies the film. I’ve been a big fan of Atticus Ross ever since his score on ‘The Book of Eli’ completely overshone the film, and how could you go wrong with Reznor! I bought this soundtrack and it’s currently on high rotation on my iPhone. It’s eerie and amazingly well suited, particularly the tracks “Hand Covers Bruise” and “In The Hall Of The Mountain King”

As I said, this is my second-favourite film of this year and definitely warrants further viewings and a big old purchase on Blu-Ray when released. As for my ‘favourite films of all time’ list… ‘The Social Network’ does not make an appearance yet, but I get the feeling that will change after another watch – which is not too far off.


So, here’s my fourth revision of the list. I reserve the right to change it at any time.


William Adama (Battlestar Galactica)
C.J. Cregg (The West Wing)
Dr Zoidberg (Futurama)
Gob Bluth (Arrested Development)
Abed Nadir (Community)
Jimmy McNulty (The Wire)
George Costanza (Seinfeld)
Al Swearengen (Deadwood)
Dick Winters (Band of Brothers)
Hank Dolworth (Terriers)


Walter Skinner (The X-Files)
David Brent (The Office)
Odo (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Bernard Black (Black Books)
Raylan Givens (Justified)